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                               Picture of the moon

Picture of the moon…

Picture this, they always say.

Also when you want to see something but you can’t.

But a picture sometimes is very far away.

Just like the one of my sister, the one I really, really want.

That picture for real, at this moment, I want it now.

If that’s possible, I’ll be so glad.

But it’s not, of course that’s what I know.

Cause my sister’s gone, and that’s fucking bad!

I should think, that’s oké, for her it’s the best.

Why should I hurt myself, why should I bother.

In a certain way she’s actually blessed.

Cause she’s in heaven now with our brother.

By the way, one of my favorite pictures is the one from Gary Moore.

It’s in fact the song on the album Back to the Blues “Picture of the moon”

When his guitar in the last solo hits some tricky notes, it’s very sore.

Although I think of my bro, sis, and other people with songs like this, I hope I don’t see them too soon!!



Thanks Gary!

M'n Zwager zei in de chat, toen hij het nummer 'Picture of the moon' van Gary Moore geluisterd, en m'n gedicht, op m'n site bekeken had :

Nu krijg ik echt de koude rillingen...

Ik keek altijd barend en van dorp, en je zus was boven bezig toen dit lied kwam.
Ze kwam naar beneden en zei "dit is een van de mooiste nummers zet hem ff harder!"
En normaal zei ze "moet het zo hard!"
Dit is echt niet normaal vriend.